Why Hydration Is Important

Our entire life we have heard how important water is for our bodies, yet it can be easy to forget when times get busy. As an adult, our body water percentage is 60%. That means that our body really needs water to function and is crucial to feeling our best possible. When we get older our bladders can begin to change, making it more difficult to control urges and the need to use the restroom. This may discourage some people from drinking enough water. The benefits are very important and can help the body feel better in different ways. Hopefully we can find a balance in carefully hydrating our bodies. 3 reasons why water is so important for the elderly: 1. Water helps your digestive system ma

Nutrition For The Elderly

Throughout our life we try to practice good health and fueling our body with the best nutrients possible. When someone begins to reach their golden years it is even more important for them to eat excellent nutrition so they can continue to feel good, have a strong immune system and heal wounds efficiently if needed. So what kinds of foods are needed to insure good health as we age and what are some habits we can begin practicing? Here are a couple we’d recommend adding to your daily practice: More Fresh fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They help your body get rid of unwanted toxins as well as fueling your cells with the essential n

Dementia Sleep Issues: Sundowners

If your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, they might be experiencing something called Sundowning or Sundowners Syndrome. Sundowning usually happens right before nightfall and includes certain behaviors like agitation, hallucinations, fear, confusion and sadness. Not only is it distressing for the individual, but can be stressful for the caregiver involved as well. There are many symptoms to sundowning. When a senior in sundowning they may feel they are missing out on something, have forgotten something or don't know what’s happening. This can leave them feeling really uneasy, confused and upset that they can’t remember, which can lead to anger, agitation and anxiety. It can be really fr

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Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Mesa AZ Is A Place You Can Call Home & Receive High Quality Senior Care.

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At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home, Mesa AZ, we believe our first responsibility is to the Residents we care for.  We respect the Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual needs of our Residents and find that compassion is essential to fostering healing, wholeness and wellbeing. 

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