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The Love That Changes Everything!

The three Greatest Questions in Life that must be answered are:

1) What is Sacred?

2) What is worth living for?

3) What is worth dying for?

The answer to these three questions is the same - The answer is LOVE!

There are many different needs in life, but some are more important than others. Some things can be faked, but one that cannot is love. Love is something that flows through a person, a place or and area. Love is a power like none other and can penetrate even the saddest of hearts. When something is done in love, it changes everything.

Love is felt by a warm hug, a gentle smile, a kind gesture, a gift given, a service rendered, time spent or an encouraging word. Love is always the best choice, and changes everything.

There are many places an elderly loved one could stay, but at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ, we truly love our residents and love what we do. Fairbrook Grove was started because of the love for the elderly and the passion behind helping them enjoy their life through the end of their time. We believe that the elderly should continue to be honored and respected and we do that by taking care of them really well.

When we first opened Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home, we started looking for residents to join us in our home. When the first family chose our home they stated, “The reason why we are giving you a chance is you’re the only home that said you are doing this because you love the elderly. We know our mother will be loved here.” And she was…

The residents here at Fairbrook grove Assisted Living Home are more than just merely friends or acquaintances, they are family. We care about their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing and want them to be happy and feel they are part of our Fairbrook family. It makes a huge difference in their quality of life to know they are loved by the people caring for them, especially in this challenging transition of losing independence and their abilities to take care of themselves. We are sensitive to each part of their needs and love to help them.

Ways we show we love them:

We love them by making sure they have healthy, balanced nutrition. We actively help strengthen their immune systems by giving them probiotics and kefir daily to prevent them from getting sick. We do daily exercise to help them keep some strength, independence and their ability to walk.

We have 1-2 parties a month for different holidays and celebrations and also celebrate each person's birthday. We invite the family members of each resident to these parties, hire professional entertainment for specific themes and really make our residents happy.

We make sure they are clean, well groomed and look nice every day. Whether it be make up, hair, or having their nails done, we want our residents to feel well taken care of and that they look nice.

Every month we have volunteers come into our home because they love the elderly, especially through the website. They put on musical performances, dance performances, bring cookies, paint nails, read to them or just come spend time with them to chat. Because you can FEEL the love in our home, we attract lots of other people who are filled with love and especially love the elderly. People have such a positive experience here that they want to come back, and we have volunteers return again regularly.

Along with attracting other loving people, our Caregivers are our front line in giving the residents the love and attention they need to be happy and well taken care of. We carefully interview and make sure our caregivers are doing this work for the same reason we are, because we love the elderly. We have been blessed with so many wonderful caregivers who lovingly give of themselves and help set the tone of love throughout the home.

Overall we have a great love that flows through the residents, caregivers and owners. We love being involved, loving each person individually and caring for their needs. Our overall goal is that if we can help just a handful of elderly peoples lives be enriched, then we have succeeded. The real answer to any need is love. For love, changes everything.

Our home is a blessed home. We believe God has helped us create this loving environment and is supporting us through it. Love is everything to Him, and we try to emulate that love here. When people come into Fairbrook Grove, people feel it, and can notice it by just coming in. We hear all the time, “There is something really different here that we haven't felt in other facilities.” We know what it is, it’s the Love, that Changes Everything.

May you and your loved ones receive the love and care you deserve.

  • The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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