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Our Angel Caregivers

A Loving Expression of Gratitude to Those Who Care with the Heart

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value” - Jim Rohn

Loving caregivers influence everything in a home and create the overall feeling and experience. In order for any home to succeed, you need to have a stable, capable front line of people. The people that care for others need compassion, patience and an unalterable love in their hearts. Taking care of someone else is not easy. There are late nights, unexpected needs, hardship as well as physical, emotional, and mental strain. It’s in making hard decisions, stretching our abilities and doing more than what we thought we were capable of. But it’s in those sweet moments of love, that makes everything worth it. Service is fulfilling because we are setting ourselves aside and putting another in our direct care.

Each caregiver is different and brings something beautiful to the environment. The diversity of personalities and passions creates a home that is full of fun, peace, creativity and order. Every person adds in their special qualities to make a home successful. As a team we can work together to efficiently create an environment and plan for each person's needs. When we work together we can get more done and make life more enjoyable.

All of us have, or will, rely on the help of a caregiver in our life. First from our own family as we were young, and then as our life progresses we will continue to need the help of caregivers around us. Society functions on the help of others, lifting others, and everyone doing their part.

“A society will be judged by how it treats its weakest members.”Pope John Paul II

“The test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.”-Pearl S. Buck

There are professional caregivers by profession. They could be a caregivers in assisted living or nursing homes, nurses or hospital staff, and many more places. As more needs grow, there are more places for professional caregivers to provide care. These jobs are not always given as much appreciation as they should be. They are not always glorious or look like fun, but they are 100% essential. We are grateful for the people that sacrifice their time, energy and resources to make this world a better place by helping people.

We are especially grateful for the wonderful caregivers we have at Fairbrook Grove. We carefully interview to find people who are loving, caring and are there because they love people. We have been so blessed to have special people work for us for the past 12.5 years. Some stay for a long time, others for shorter, but everyone has had their season and we appreciate them. As a team we have done many wonderful things and helped hundreds of people and have influenced many families.

We have watched as they cared for the elderly's needs, sang them songs, read them stories, played games, danced with them and loved them. We have watched as they celebrated the holidays with them, gave them gifts, and included them in their lives. We have felt the love as a kind word or smile has been shared. We have held the hands of many as they learned and grew into spectacular caregivers and friends. We are better people because of the caregivers that have walked through our door.

Many of our elderly loved ones have become family by taking care of them and loving them through the end of their time here. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a caregiver and to love and care for people as our profession. As long as there are elderly people, we will be there to care for them, bring dignity, maximum life enrichment and as much independence as possible to their lives.

We know that we can’t help the entire world, but our goal is to help, love, and care for each person that comes into our home with an undying love. Our hope is that everyone can be loved and cared for throughout their entire life by people who care about others and are willing to sacrifice for someone else. Together, as a Fairbrook grove TEAM, we can do that.

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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