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Fairbrook Annual Christmas Open House

Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home’s Annual Christmas Open House!

Fairbrook Family!

The best part about Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ is the people we connect with over the years. We have made so many friends, who feel like family. Even after their loved one has passed on, we still love these families and stay connected with them for years to come.

One way we stay connected with them is by having an annual Christmas open house. We send out invitations to all the families that have been in our home over the years and are always excited when someone comes, who we haven’t seen in a long time. Decorations!

The house is carefully decorated with Christmas trees, murals, wreaths, nativities, lights and more. Brian has a really fun mini village and train set that he puts out on the dinner table during this season that the residents enjoy. We make sure the house spreads the feeling of the holidays and it really makes a difference for our residents each year. Festive Dress!

The morning of the party, our wonderful caregivers make special time for each resident, making sure their hair looks the best it could, that they are dressed in something festive and are excited to have fun at the party. The residents get to invite all their family and friends and enjoy a big party in their home. It is a special day for everyone involved and means so much to them. Tasty Food!

Each year we provide a delicious spread of appetizers and treats. Some of these treats include, homemade Mexican beans, salsa and guacamole, Mexican jello, crackers with goat cheese and hot pepper jelly, little smokies and peppermint bark. These are just a taste of what kind of goodies we love to provide for our guests. We also invite each family to bring an appetizer to share. It is amazing some of the beautiful holiday treats that are brought. Things like, homemade candy, crab cakes, and many assortments of pastries, pies and desserts. It is a really fun time to snack on a plateful of goodies and catch up with each other. Live Music!

Another fun part of our Fairbrook Christmas Open House is that we have live music during the party. The music is provided by a family or friends as well as a professional singing group that ends the party with a bang. So while everyone is chatting and eating, they can step into our large living room and participate in a concert. The party and the music helps bring the Christmas spirit into the home and also into the hearts of everyone involved. This really is a wonderful time of year and we are happy to spread the Christmas cheer and joy with the people that we love. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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