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Boost Seniors Immune Systems, Assisted Living Mesa AZ

Assisted Living Mesa AZ
Boost Seniors Immune System

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa Az we are passionate about building our Seniors Immune Systems to help them prevent illness and disease, to feel good and be healthy every day.


Here are some ways we can build our immune systems:


Strengthening our gut health

It’s not a surprise that our gut health affects our immune system so much. Our gut is a powerful area that processes a lot of our nutrients and sustains our microbiome, or our bodies natural abilities to fight bad bacteria. We can strengthen our gut health with things like probiotics, kefir and fermented vegetables.


Eat nutrient rich foods

With so many quick and easy choices for food, we have to be intentional about what we choose to feed our bodies. Unfortunately, a lot of convenience foods can leave us feeling tired, sick, overweight and unhealthy. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy meats and grains can really help our body feel its best and fight off bacteria, illness and disease.


Take supplements that support immune health

Along with trying to eat healthy, one way to help our immune system stay strong is to take supplements that can increase our immunity. Vitamins like vitamin D, C, and zinc can significantly increase your immune health. Other natural things that help can be elderberry, garlic and B-complex vitamins.


Enjoy your life

Did you know that happiness can actually help your immune system? Having healthy relationships, activities that you love, and a feeling of well-being helps everything in your body function better. So let yourself unwind, do something you love and enjoy your life.


We hope that you and your elderly loved ones can feel healthy and strong.


This blog is for educational purposes only and any supplements or medical treatments should be discussed with your primary care doctor.


-  The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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