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Families Show us the Love

Check out our 35+ Reviews on Google by entering "Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home"

"I can't imagine my parents being taken care of and loved on by anyone else.
I remembered the first day walking away after getting them settled in for the first time, so much peace came over me. I knew they belonged there. The staff gives 110% always! As Julie & Brians daughter said to me recently, "they're all my grandparents and I love them". If there's a holiday, Brian is going to make sure it gets celebrated.
Wow, how blessed we all are to have the people we love the most, live at such a piece of heaven here on earth. Thank you Flammers & all the girls that pour your love to not only my parents,

but the other residents as well.
It's been almost 2 1/2 years that my parents have lived here. I wouldn't want them anywhere else.

I only wish I could give them 10 stars!! ( Julie S)

My mom-in-law, Margaret, became a resident of this wonderful home in September of 2018. She was in really bad shape when she arrived having suffered a stroke and multiple falls, and with a new diagnosis of dementia. Julie and her loving staff nursed her back to a very high level of functioning. Julie is a nurse herself. We were always at peace knowing mom would receive a proper triage when a crisis occurred. Julie and Brian are holistically oriented and helped me in my own holistic efforts to support Margaret with God's provided remedies. They believe this work is their calling in life and it shows in all they do. The staff were always cheerful and helpful and genuinely happy to see us when we came to visit. It is sad and difficult when a loved one needs this high level of care but I don't think one can find a better home then Fairbrook Grove when needed.  (Janet S.)

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