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Senior Nursing Home

How to Decorate a Room in a Senior Nursing Home

If you are moving a loved one into a senior nursing home, decorating the room may help your loved one to feel more at home and more comfortable in their new space. One of the tips for decorating a room is to incorporate items that your loved one loves and cherishes. For example, if they have a favorite blanket a friend knitted for them, use that on their bed. Or place photos of their grandchildren on their dresser to remind them of how loved they are. When decorating, it is important to keep safety in mind. Many senior nursing homes limit the amount of plugged in items that can be in a room and the amount of space decorations can take up, as they want to prevent tripping hazards. Here at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home, we offer comfortable, clean rooms for your loved one. Schedule a tour of our facility today.

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