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Our Passion Behind Starting Fairbrook Grove

“If we can save a few people from a nursing home,

then we are fulfilling our dream.”

Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home is more than just a business, a house, or a “place for your mom”, it’s our Fairbrook Family. We strive daily to make sure the people who come to our home are well taken care of physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. By celebrating birthdays and holidays together, handfuls of parties, church services weekly, music therapy, holistic nutrition and many other activities and unique services, we feel this is a place we would be comfortable having our own elderly family live.

But why do we care so much about the elderly having a holistic experience? Holistic meaning that they are taken care of as a whole person: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here’s a little bit of our passion behind the why we started Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home.

The Back Story:

Julie is passionate about helping the senior community, is a Registered Nurse, and has worked in hospitals and homecare. She was saddened by going to nursing homes and seeing all the seniors lined up along the hallways, lonely and sitting there, blindly doing nothing. Early on in her nursing career she thought to herself “There's got to be a better way, than just placing people in a nursing home when they are old.” In nursing homes, it seemed that their lives were boring and dull and they possibly felt that their life was over.

In working for the homecare agency, Julie was introduced to the concept of Residential Assisted Living settings for the elderly. She realized what a neat concept this was to see the elderly living in Residential Homes like a family. She found that this was a new way for the elderly to be in a happy setting where they were loved and cared for properly.

In some Assisted Living Homes Julie would be told that she couldn't come visit her resident during certain times because they were doing activities or eating lunch together. Those residents always thrived and were better taken care of. Other homes had residents with terrible bed sores, poor nutrition and just watched TV all day. Even when Julie tried to teach the caregivers, they didn't listen, and problems continued with those residents.

Seeing these Residential Assisted Living Homes and seeing the good and the bad of both, sparked something in Julie's heart. Julie believes that more nurses need to start Assisted Living Homes, be more involved medically, handle the medications and enrich the lives of the elderly.

Julie is also a Holistic Nutrition Specialist and is educated about preventing problems in the elderly through holistic nutrition and whole body wellness. She has a passion and a dream to help her family, friends and others realize the importance of a holistic lifestyle from the very young through the golden years.

Brian also has a unique background. He has been a consultant for fortune 500 companies as well as a marketing and sales manager. He is an excellent events planner and has always had a deep love for the elderly. He believes that our Seniors are "America's Greatest Generation!" While growing up, Brian was taught to honor, love and help the elderly. He worked for two little elderly ladies doing yard work for years, only getting paid $1/hour. He did this because he knew these ladies needed help and was taught by his father, Gordon, to serve.

Because of this love for the elderly, Brian and Julie would take their children to nursing homes around the holidays. They would sing to them, bring them gifts and lift their spirits. It was a beautiful time for their young family and everyone enjoyed it.

Brian is passionate about the Activity side of things and throws the Best Parties. In addition to the regular holidays and birthdays, some of the annual parties thrown every year includes a Cowboy party, Hawaiian party, a Carnival, an Elvis 1950’s party and many more! His creative and fun personality creates an amazing fun environment for the residents and their families.

With Brian over the activities, and Julie over the medical, their skills seemed like a good complementary mixture to start the Assisted Living Home, Fairbrook Grove.

So on April 6, 2006, Brian and Julie took the leap of faith, combined their expertise, and opened Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ. They worked hard but also were in awe of God’s Divine Intervention that opened many doors for them in the process. Their main focus for starting the business was “If we can save a few people from a nursing home, then we are fulfilling our dream.”

So Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ is more than just a business, house or “place for your mom”. It is a “Blessed Home” and it is their Fairbrook Family! They take pride in the fact that they have helped so many people live an enriched elderly life all the way to the end. They are passionate about continuing to do so for years to come.

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