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Fall Activities For The Elderly

The Elderly Love to be included in the fun of Fall Seasonal Activities!

The seasons are changing, and that means it’s getting time for fall fun. When you have a loved one that needs extra assistance or struggles with mobility, it might be challenging to include them in all of the seasonal activities.

Here is a list of some ways you can help your loved one enjoy the season with ease.

Go to Farmers Markets with paved walkways

This is the season for squash, pumpkins, peaches and apples. A fun part of this time of year is being able to pick and choose the produce of your choice. There is something beautiful and fulfilling in holding your own butternut squash, bushel of apples or choosing the shape of your pumpkin for your porch. Bring your loved one with you in a wheelchair or a walker, and they will feel the festive beauty that fills the air.

Bring some of the Activities to them

If your loved one is more stationary, in an Assisted Living like Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa Az, sometimes it’s challenging to bring them places. The benefit of having your loved one in an Assisted Living Home like ours is that our home is open for families to do fun things with our residents. So if you want to carve a pumpkin, come do it at our table and let us help you make it successful. If you want to decorate fall cookies, we have space for you to do that. Our home is a ‘home sweet home’ for our residents and we want them to be able to experience some of the beauties of life at all times and seasons.

Come Sit with them Outside

Depending on where you are, fall is a time when it’s starting to cool down from the heat of summer. This is a wonderful time to sit on the front or back porch and enjoy the wildlife and greenery around you.

Bring them ‘Fall-themed Treats’

There’s nothing that rings in the season of fall then a nice pumpkin spice treat. Whether it be a hot drink, pumpkin bread, or spiced pastry, bringing them a ‘Fall-themed’ treat can help them be excited about the upcoming months of fun and festivities.

Whatever helps you feel excited about the fall season, we hope you can find a way to enjoy it with your elderly loved one. Happy Fall!

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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