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Outdoor Therapy For The Elderly

A lot of elderly people, as they age, find themselves sitting in front of a TV. Suddenly they are not interacting with as many people and stay inside their home most days. This can lead to depression and feeling alone.

In caring for the elderly, sometimes the simple things are what can help the most. ‘Outdoor therapy for the elderly’ can be simple yet enjoyable. Enjoying the outdoors can be like therapy because it is so healing, refreshing and wonderful! Something so simple can really change someone's day and give them a different perspective.

Getting outside is wonderful for any age. Whether it is going for a walk, sitting in the shade or just enjoying the sunshine. Getting out of the house and getting fresh air boosts our overall health. It improves blood pressure and heart rate, cleans our lungs, makes us happier, gives us more energy and a sharper mind. The sun can also provide Vitamin D which boosts our mood and immune system.

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of activities to do with an elderly loved one. Each person has their individual struggles or abilities, so an activity that works for one, may not be doable for another. Here are some ideas of ways you can experience your own “Outdoor Therapy” with your loved one.

Some ideas for ‘Outdoor Therapy for the Elderly:

  • Eating lunch outside

  • Listening to the birds or cars driving by

  • Reading a book

  • Taking a walk

  • Getting the mail

  • Delivering cookies to a neighbor by walking there

  • Gardening, or watching someone garden

  • Going to a park

  • Walking around a pond

  • Card games

  • Birthday parties

  • Fishing

  • Bird watching

  • Going to the Zoo

  • Arts and crafts

  • Craft shows or Flea markets

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home we try to get our residents outside as often as possible. When weather permits we have parties, lunch and activities outside to give our residents a change of scenery, fresh air and sunshine.

There are many different climates around the world. But if it’s warm and sunny, let's go outside, get some Vitamin D, fresh air and sunshine!

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