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Residential Assisted Living Homes

Nursing Home, In-home care or Residential Assisted Living Home?

Making a decision about an elderly loved one can be challenging. Deciding whether or not to hire in-home help, move them into an assisted living facility or nursing home or attempt to care for them on your own. Trying to balance taking care of an elderly loved one 24/7 and still having other work and family responsibilities can leave you feeling exhausted, burned out and stressed.

Residential Assisted Living Homes are an amazing alternative to larger facilities or nursing homes. These homes offer 24/7 care and feel more like a family environment. Residential Assisted Living Homes are usually licensed for 10 Residents. Shared and Private rooms are available. Caregivers assist the elderly with whatever needs they have and still allow the elderly to have their independence as much as they are able. They begin to develop wonderful family-like relationships in this setting.

Fairbrook Grove is a Residential Assisted Living Home in Mesa Arizona. It is a beautiful home nestled in a grove of citrus trees in a residential neighborhood. We take pride in making sure our residents are treated like family and well taken care of. Fairbrook residents thrive in this happy and lively atmosphere where their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are attended to. Many things are of importance to Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home, Including: Healthy and delicious food, Safety, Friendly people, Cleanliness, Hygiene and Fun Parties on holidays and birthdays and church services, to mention a few. Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home is a loving, beautiful, special home where love is felt and joy is found daily.

Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa Arizona has a nurse that lives on site who is actually the owner and is highly involved and very well trained. Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about your loved one. What if you could trust they were left in the care of trained hands that can handle what comes in a competent manner.

Fairbrook Grove loves to have family involvement. Family members can come and visit whenever they are able or come and take their loved one out to lunch or home with them for a few hours. Whatever your visiting style, you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands and is well taken care of.

Call Julie at 480-215-2940 soon to set up a time to tour this special place.

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