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Why Hydration Is Important

Our entire life we have heard how important water is for our bodies, yet it can be easy to forget when times get busy. As an adult, our body water percentage is 60%. That means that our body really needs water to function and is crucial to feeling our best possible.

When we get older our bladders can begin to change, making it more difficult to control urges and the need to use the restroom. This may discourage some people from drinking enough water. The benefits are very important and can help the body feel better in different ways. Hopefully we can find a balance in carefully hydrating our bodies.

3 reasons why water is so important for the elderly:

1. Water helps your digestive system maintain regular function. One problem a lot of older people face is struggling to go to the bathroom or experiencing constipation. This could be because the person is eating less fiber, like fruits and vegetables, not as active, and not drinking enough water. Making sure the body is properly hydrated will help this process go smoother.

2. Water increases brain power and energy. When a body is dehydrated your brain can get foggy, making thinking and problem solving harder. You can also feel very lethargic and may need to sleep more when you are not getting enough liquid to fuel your body. If someone is struggling to feel rested, increasing water intake may help.

3. The Elderly are prone to getting UTI’s, Urinary tract infections. UTI’s can be caused by a lot of different things, like bad hygiene and incontinence. But making sure you are getting enough water can help prevent these infections by flushing out the bladder. This can help prevent a lot of pain and discomfort.

Ways to increase Hydration:

  • Have a cup of water near you at all times. Having a glass next to your couch, on your desk or outside can increase your ability to remember to drink water. You could also have a small water bottle in your purse or bag when you leave the house.

  • Add electrolytes into your water. Sometimes drinking a lot of water and flushes out our electrolytes. Having electrolytes in your water can increase your energy and help your body stay more hydrated.

  • Eat more soups and broths.

  • Eating fruits and vegetables that contain high amounts of water like watermelon, Pineapple, lettuce, cucumber, and celery.

  • Decrease caffeinated drinks. Caffeine actually leeches your body of water. The more you drink caffeinated drinks, the more your body becomes dehydrated.

  • If you don't enjoy drinking water, try flavoring your water with lemon, lime, cucumber or fruit. This may help you drink more water each day.

We hope you can find ways to increase your water intake, hydrate your body, and feel your best.

  • The Fairbook Grove Management Team

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