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Fairbrook Grove Church Services

We have a choice in this life, to believe that there is a higher power or not. To believe that there is divine help, or not.

As humans it is challenging enough to navigate our lives each day. So many decisions, hardships and new things all the time. There is a sense of relief and hope that comes with believing we can receive help in our daily struggles, decisions and problem solving. When we choose to believe that there is divine assistance, life has more meaning, fulfillment and joy.

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa Az we realize the importance of keeping our residents in remembrance of God. To remember all He has done for them, how much He loves them and that they still have purpose in their lives.

Every week we offer a Christian non-denominational church service to help remind our loved friends at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home that they are not alone, they are of worth and that they are blessed. Each person comes from different religious backgrounds, so our services are an enriching diverse experience.

In this season of their lives they are wondering about what comes next and what will happen to them after they finish their course in this life. While we respect each person's beliefs, we believe that heaven is real and that a loving God will be there to welcome them home when their journey is through. In our church services each person can talk about their feelings and practice their faith. This has brought peace to many and made the transition period from this life to the next more enjoyable.

Each church service begins with a song and a prayer, welcoming the Holy Spirit to come into the home. For we know that we alone cannot inspire or touch the hearts of each person, but God’s spirit can.

The sacrament / communion is offered to each resident that chooses to be involved in our weekly church service. A special prayer is said over each offering to bless and invite reverence for the sacrifice the Savior, Jesus Christ has offered for all of us. This is a special time where each person is given a chance to reflect on what the Savior has done for them, express gratitude and or whatever feelings they may have.

A beautiful sermon and message is taught. The lesson may include pictures, props, guest speakers, and inspiring messages through video or song. Each person is invited to participate and share their feelings on the topic. It is an inviting, uplifting time that unifies the people in our home, strengthens relationships and builds trust and love.

Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ has held a church service weekly for the past 12.5 years and plan to continue. We feel that this goes hand in hand with the great love we already have for our residents and our desire to take care of them spiritually as well as physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our home is a blessed place. If you are considering having your loved one come stay with us at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ, we invite you to come for a tour. We hope you can feel and experience the love we have for each person who enters and possibly join our family.

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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