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Fairbrook Grove Holiday Fun!

The holidays are a good time to be with family and reminisce about the good times in life and the loved ones that are still around or are in memories past. A time of good food, holiday cheer, service, and loving each other.

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted living home, we feel very strongly that each person in our home should enjoy the holidays. The main way we do that is by surrounding them with people who love them. Some people come to our home with very little family around them, but they are not forgotten. We give each person the love and attention they deserve, as if they were family. We show them love during the holidays in a couple different ways.


During the Thanksgiving holiday we make sure that the residents at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home have a nice thanksgiving feast. Some people have families close and they can go out for the day. Others may have limitations, keeping them from leaving our home. If this happens, the residents are able to join us for family thanksgiving dinner and have the opportunity to invite one or two of their family members to join us as well. This gives them the feeling of unity and family during these times. After we eat the meal we also go around the large table and everyone gets to share a handful of things they are grateful for. It is beautiful to hear everyone's blessings and the love they have for life. We also make sure each person knows how grateful we are for them and that we love them.


Christmas time is a time when we can really ‘give it forward’ to those around us. A time of service, gifts, and appreciation. We love this holiday because we decorate the house with fun things like christmas trees, lights, nativities, snowmen, miniature villages and Christmas murals. The house feels warm and inviting in both temperature and atmosphere. A real sense of love fills the home as we have carolers come, almost daily, spreading christmas cheer and filling the home with beautiful music and emotion.

We throw an annual Christmas party each year in the beginning of December where all of the resident families and friends can attend. Everyone brings an appetizer to share and the house is merry, packed with loved ones, and so much fun. We have entertainment and great food!

On Christmas eve, we do a nativity program with all the residents and families who want to join. This is really fun because we include the residents as parts of the nativity. They are dressed in simple costumes and participate in the story as it’s read from the bible Luke 2 and Christmas music is sung in between each piece of the story. This is a glorious fun time of remembrance and gratitude for the Savior and all that He has done for us.

Christmas day consists of each resident waking up to a present from us, at Fairbrook, at their seat at the breakfast table. Caregivers may also give gifts and each person feels loved and adored. Family members often visit on Christmas day or the resident goes out with their family. It is a beautiful time of the year for everyone at Fairbrook grove Assisted Living Home.

Even if someone doesn’t have very much family involvement, they can feel the love during the holidays from their Fairbrook Grove family. We don’t just do this as a job, we take care of them and invite them into our home because we love them. We love the elderly and want to enrich their lives.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Holiday season.

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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