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Elderly Healthy Foods

When we’re getting closer to our golden years, our bodies may not work as well as they use to. It takes constant effort to keep our bodies running well, feeling good, and maintained. When a person gets to an older age where they can’t take care of themselves, they are completely dependent on whoever is in charge of their care. We realize this at Fairbrook Grove and take our job very seriously. We step up and put their needs first in our job, making sure they are well taken care of. It is a huge responsibility to be in charge of their care. One area we really put energy and focus into is their nutrition. Not only is food one of the main things they can still enjoy during this time, but it is crucial in how good they feel. They still enjoy their desserts after dinner or the occasional barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and more. But the majority of their food at Fairbrook Grove is homemade with whole foods and tasty ingredients. We work diligently to stay away from processed foods which can cause disease and ill-health. Here are some of the foods the residents receive on a regular basis to help them nutritionally: * Vegetables with lunch and dinner- whether it be a side salad, cooked vegetables, or vegetable soups, they are getting vegetables on a regular basis. * Fruit- whatever fruit is in season. Summer time we enjoy melons, grapes, peaches and apples. Winter time we enjoy oranges picked freshly off of our trees. * Kefir- fermented organic cows milk balances the gut and helps with digestive upset or problems. They receive a smoothie every lunch time which includes protein shake, electrolytes, fruit and Kefir. * Home cooked meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner We value the people that live with us and hope to give them the best experience possible. Proper healthy nutrition is our way of sharing love and care in our home. The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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