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Community Involvement

The best part about the world we live in is that we get to share our lives with other people. We have wonderful opportunities to interact with people on a daily basis. At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa Arizona, our home environment has been very supportive in social interaction, parties and activities. A good handful of our residents don’t leave the home very often because of their needs and limitations, so it’s nice to have some outside involvement as well. Over the years, Fairbrook Grove has been extremely blessed to have a lot of community involvement. We have many different types of volunteers come through our home. For example:

* Clergy or church volunteers- Many different denominations come in to give someone communion or the sacrament. They come when people are about to pass, to give blessings, friendship and support. We have truly enjoyed each religious group that has come into our home. * Families with young children- Families love to serve the elderly. Sometimes they will do a musical performance or just spend time talking with them. The children bring in homemade cards or crafts. Having children in the home has brought a lot of joy to everyone’s life. * Musical and singing groups. This is probably our most frequent community involvement. We love music in the home and it has really been fun to see all the different types of musical performers there are. During our Christmas parties, Elvis party and Hawaiian party each year we usually have professionals come and sing or dance as well. Everyone loves the musical volunteers and performances. * Pet therapy- We have had puppies, kittens, grown dogs, baby goats and more come through our home. It is really fun to see the residents interact with these animals. This is always a great time of joy in the home. * School groups- We have had ASU’s music therapy department come into our home for years to do music therapy with our residents. They sing songs that the residents know from their lifetime, have instruments and activities that are musical and it is a lot of fun! We have appreciated this community involvement immensely and love having them share their talents and lives with us.

You can visit to search your area for needs and opportunities to serve in your community. We have received a lot of volunteers from being connected to this site. We’re grateful for the service we receive every year! The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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