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Family-Style Assisted Living

When looking for an Assisted Living Home, there are many options to choose from. To know what matters most can be challenging and stressful. Do you go to a big facility? Do they have activities? Healthy food? Will they keep them active? Will they enjoy living there? These are all questions that matter and need to be considered. Let me suggest an idea for care for your loved one- Family-Style Assisted Living. What is Family-Style Assisted Living? It’s a home environment where people in their later years of life can enjoy the feel of being in their own home. At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ we really focus on making our residents stay individuals and feel at home. Here are some ways each person can feel at home: * Each person has the opportunity to bring their own furniture and decorations for their bedrooms. * There are lots of familiar loving faces. The same caregivers take care of them throughout the week who know their routine and needs to a tee. They truly care about the emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well as physically. * They also have the same 9-10 people sitting around the dinner table for meals and can build friendships with the people they sit by or are across from. * The RN and Manager, Julie, lives on site and is highly involved in needs, medications and doctor visits. * We celebrate each individual birthday and holiday. So everyone feels celebrated and loved on these days. * We have parties where close family is invited, creating friendships between families as well as having each resident feel they are inviting their family to their own home. * The house feels like a home and is well decorated, filled with musical presentations, activities and fun. * We have a house routine for showers, exercise, meal times and rest times so residents know what’s coming next and can participate if they’d like to. These are just a handful of reasons why a Family-Style Assisted Living Home like Fairbrook Grove is a wonderful idea. We take pride in the fact that each person we interact with becomes family and is taken into our home in love. If you’d like to set up a tour to see if our home is a fit for you, please contact Julie, Manager and RN, at (480) 215-2940.

- The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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