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Daily Exercise at Fairbrook Grove!

As we get older, our bodies start to get a little slower and less agial as they use to be. Exercise is really good for our bodies at anytime of our life, especially in our golden years. Some of us have exercised our whole lives, while others have not. There are many reasons why exercising now would be a good idea:

Exercise for the Elderly is a great way to keep their muscles strong.

  • Strengthening their muscles helps them remain independent as much as possible.

  • When life starts to slow down, the elderly do not use their muscles as much. Each day they don’t use them, their muscles lose strength. Muscle loss can result in someone not being able to stand well or struggling to get out of bed or a chair.

  • Weakened muscles can create imbalance and can result in more falls.

Exercise is a great way to keep our muscles from getting tight and remain flexible.

  • Keeping our muscles stretched and moving can prevent pain and injuries.

  • When our muscles get tight and inflexible, it can create soreness in that area. When one area is tight or out of line, it pulls on other muscles, bones, or joints which causes the body to be out of alignment. This can create shoulder, knee, back and other injuries because of tight muscles or lack of flexibility.

  • Stretching can also help ease pain, which can decrease the amount of pain pills needed.

Exercise can be a way to get social interaction

  • Exercise classes can be a fun way to socialize and make some friends. Meeting up with some friends for a swim class, yoga session or group class can be something to look forward to a couple times each week.

Daily Exercise is so much Fun at Fairbrook Grove!

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home we have an exercise class Monday- Saturday for the residents to participate in and enjoy. The exercises are done while sitting and can be adjusted to each level of care needed.

The exercises session is started by doing some range of motion. They gain upper body strength by using small weights. A large part is focused on strengthening the large muscles of the legs for better balance and walking. Voice exercises and laughing are practiced to help the elderly take deeper breaths of oxygen and blow off CO2. The exercise session ends with a ball toss that helps with fine motor skills and more range of motion as well as group cooperation and bonding. This is done in a safe and fun environment. Our residents look forward to this time every day and it gives them a real emotional uplift and helps their mood to be more positive.

These are just a few ideas why exercising in our older

years is important. We hope you can find some exercises you enjoy and have fun while doing them!

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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