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Loving Care You Can Trust

Ten Reasons Why Fairbrook Grove Is The Right Choice

Our team at Fairbrook Grove works diligently to give Loving Care You Can Trust daily. When searching for a home for a loved one, there are many decisions that have to be made. There are many options to choose from, like what type of living arrangements, what type of activities they enjoy and their level of care. With so many needs and options, it can be challenging to know if you are making the right choice in the care of your loved one.

We understand that making the Right Choice in the beginning will save time, energy and prevent a lot of stress. We take pride in being a ‘Home Environment Assisted Living’ where we focus on the person as a whole. Their emotional, mental and spiritual needs are just as important to us as the physical needs are. We want our residents to feel loved and cared for in all aspects.

Below is a list of 10 Reasons why Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ is the best choice when choosing a Care Home or place for your loved one:

Award Winning Assisted Living Home You Can Trust

  • Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home is happy to announce that they are on the A+ list of Inspection Ratings through The Arizona Department of Health. During inspections, the Health Department Surveyor has recommended that we open up additional facilities because of the Excellent Care they witnessed at Fairbrook Grove. The Residents were happy and well cared for, but also due to Julie’s diligence as the RN Certified Manager in following and implementing the Rules and Regulations the State requires.

  • 2019 Google Reviews give us a 4.7 Star Rating

  • 2019 Top 10 List on Yelp Business Pages.

  • 2019 Top 10 List for Hospice of the Valley and other multiple Hospice Agencies.

  • 2018 “Top Rated Award” winner for Arizona Assisted Living Homes

  • 2017 Senior Choice Award for “Best Group Home”

  • 2016 A+ Rated Assisted Living Home by ‘Care Patrol’

  • 2015 Winner of Top 10 list of 10 Best Assisted Living Homes in Arizona

Live-in Onsite RN and Resident Advocate You Can Trust

  • Julie is a Registered Nurse and has 38+ years of experience. Her specialties are Assisted Living Management, Senior Advisor, Wound Care, Cancer Treatment, Geriatrics, Medications Management and Holistic Nutrition.

  • The owners Brian and Julie live onsite and are highly involved in the care, health and wellbeing of each individual in our home.

Quality of Life You Can Trust

  • We focus on building up the individual in many different aspects. We have daily group exercise programs for range of motion, mobility and strength. Meals and dining are together as a family every day. We plan wholesome activities weekly which support social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. These activities are especially important for residents who are ‘homebound’ or unable to leave the home.

  • In-home hair services are also available to do perms, haircuts and styles.

  • Each individual can choose what they participate in and everyone is invited and welcome.

Wholesome Family Living You Can Trust

  • True joy comes from having a loving place to call home and a family who cherishes you. Each month we plan interactive family centered party activities like celebrating each holiday and birthday.

  • Extra parties and fun are also planned. Some of the parties include a Hawaiian party, cowboy party, cruise party and a carnival each year. Family members are invited to participate and it is a really fun time for everyone in the home.

Professional Medical Care You Can Trust

  • We have worked really hard to gather resources that make it easier for our residents and their families. Many of these resources include in-home services like doctors visits, podiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, x-rays, lab work, wound care and much more.

  • Medication management is provided by the RN Certified Manager.

  • Daily monitoring of critical physical needs and operations, bodily functions, record keeping and daily life activities etc.

  • Hospice care as needed.

Traditional American and Christian Values You Can Trust

  • Each Sunday we also do in-home non-denominational Christian church services. This is where everyone is invited to join together spiritually and have the opportunity to take the sacrament or communion. Sermons are usually taught by the owner, Brian.

  • Prayer over food and onsite ministering and service by community members

  • Honor of all-American values and family

  • Celebration of American and Christian holidays ie. Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Family Friendly Policies You Can Trust

  • Any-time (24/7) family visiting hours

  • Special end of life care. Family can stay day and night to support their loved one who might be passing on.

  • Household parties for the residents and their families. ie. Yearly Christmas Open House, Hawaiian party, Carnival. Each residents birthday is also celebrated. The owner, Brian, is the party planner and includes costumes, props, food and fun for each event.

Combined Medical and Holistic Practices You Can Trust

  • Vitamins and minerals are discussed and included in medication/supplement lists as ordered from individual doctors.

  • Daily kefir drinks, probiotics, electrolytes, and organic foods

  • Home cooked healthy balanced meals. Vegetables and fruit served every day.

  • Fostering each resident as a whole person. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is important to us.

Real Human Care You Can Trust

  • Feels like home. Loving care and interaction from consistent long-term caregivers, residents, and owners daily.

  • Small personal community of 10-person Residential Home.

  • More personal direct care. Caregiver to resident ratio is 5:1.

  • Individualized service plans that are created through the group efforts of the certified manager/RN, caregivers, resident and family.

Luxury Home and Accommodations You Can Trust

  • Upscale neighborhood with beautiful landscaped front and back yards and outdoor patios.

  • Resort-style experience. The house and bedrooms are clean, smell nice, and are professionally decorated with murals, plants and beautiful pictures.

  • Spacious bedrooms with charming outdoor views.

  • Each resident can bring in their own furniture and decorations, making their room comfortable, welcoming and familiar.

The Staff and Owners at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home In Mesa AZ are dedicated to giving our Residents and their family’s the best experience possible.

We believe that having Values, People, and Practices You Can Trust is the most important aspect while looking for the right place for your loved one.

We’d love to give you a tour of our home and see if our services and values are the right fit for you and your loved one.

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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