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Activities Of Daily Living

Activities of daily living, also known as ADL’s, are important tasks that each person needs every day. Taking care of these needs helps someone feel taken care of emotionally and mentally as well as physically. When someone is getting older, they may struggle to take care of simple tasks, like showering or getting dressed each day. At this stage of life, it is important for us as family members or caregivers to recognize when someone is struggling and to offer some assistance.

Here is a list of some Activities Of Daily Living:

  • Showering and Grooming activities

  • This includes keeping their body clean, hair styled or brushed, shaving and brushing teeth.

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Self-cleaning after using the toilet, changing briefs or underwear when needed.

  • Mobility

  • Being able to walk to the dinner table, walking to the bathroom, getting on and off the toilet, getting out of bed and in and out of a chair, etc.

  • Dressing

  • Picking out clothes, putting clothes on, having clean clothes by doing laundry

  • Feeding themselves

  • Ability to hold a cup of water, self-feeding with utensils

Here at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ, each day we make sure our residents ADL’s are covered so they retain their dignity during their changes in ability. As our elderly residents age, they slowly become more dependent on us for help. We work hard to try to help them retain their independence and ability to do things for themselves, but also having a sensitivity and awareness of when we need to step in to assist them.

Even when someone is completely unable to take care of themselves, or are about to pass on from this life, we make sure they are well taken care of. We believe that each person deserves to be clean, look nice and feel confident, no matter what stage of life they are in.

If your loved one is struggling with taking care of themselves, know that you don’t have to do it alone. At Fairbrook Grove we have trained caregivers on call 24 hours a day that can assist with any of these needs. If you are wondering if an Assisted Living in Mesa AZ would be a good fit for you and your loved one, give us a call and set up a tour of our facility. We hope that your loved one is comfortable in all ways possible and that their activities of daily living are a priority.

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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