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Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning is So Beneficial to Our Health! There are many different ways someone can increase their health daily. Some forms can be really expensive or take a lot of time. But something as simple as warm lemon water each morning can help your body with a handful of things. It’s best to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning, then wait 15 minutes before eating.

Here is a List of 5 Benefits from Daily Lemon Water:

Fights Off Illness!

The biggest benefit of drinking lemon water is that it balances out your PH level in your body. Your body is either alkaline or acidic. An alkaline body stays well and fights off illness, and an acidic body is chemically compromised and increases the chances of getting sick. Drinking lemon water each morning helps the PH level in your body normalize and will help you stay healthy and well. When you do this along with a healthy diet, you can prevent a lot of sickness.

Healthy Digestion!

It aids in healthy digestion and getting rid of unwanted materials in your body. Not only does it gently get your body moving in the morning, but it also helps in stimulating the liver to release more bile, which aids in digestion.

Strengthens Immune System!

Lemon water boosts your immune system. Not only do lemons contain high levels of vitamin C, but they also are known to increase the production of white blood cells. This helps strengthen your body's natural defenses to fight off viruses and bacterial infections.

Rid the Body of Toxins!

Lemon water is a diuretic and helps the body release more toxins by increased urination. The citric acid in lemons may also help prevent kidney stones.

Decreases Stress!

The vitamin C in lemon water helps decrease the symptoms of stress. When you are stressed, the first thing to be depleted is vitamin C. Many studies have shown that vitamin C reduces the physiological and physical effects of stress. So drinking lemon water each day can help you stay more relaxed and process stress better.

This is just a handful of the wonderful benefits of drinking lemon water. We highly recommend a daily dose of vitamin C and the powerful benefits of lemon water daily. Lemon water is especially good for the elderly and may help prevent constipation, kidney stones, and other problems or illnesses with the body. So start the habit of drinking lemon water today! It’s an easy way to increase your health each morning.

- The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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