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Loving The Elderly During The Holidays

The Holidays are a Time of Reminiscing About the Past and Spending Time with the People We Love. In their elderly years, a lot of things have changed around them, and many of their loved ones have passed on. Sometimes this can leave someone feeling pretty lonely, especially during these times. Some residents in our home have a lot of family involvement, and others have a few close people to them, or family that lives in another area of the world. This is why we make sure to give each person in our home as much love, attention and cheer during this season. The main thing we have found is that it’s not the gifts, the treats or the cards that make the biggest difference. It’s the TIME spent with an elderly loved one. All of those things just listed are part of someone feeling loved, but it’s the moments where we take time out of our day for a phone call or a visit that means the world to them. Now, loving the elderly doesn’t have to end with just your loved one. Let me share some of our history with you. Years before starting Fairbrook Grove, our young family already had a lot of love for the elderly. In December, it was a tradition for us to go to nursing homes, sing for the people there and bring them a little gift. It was our way of spreading the Christmas cheer and love during the holidays. It was a great way for the children in our family to gain compassion and reach out to people different than them. Our children enjoyed baking mini loaves of bread, decorating presents and were always excited to give a gift of love. They knew that even a smile or a hug could make someone’s entire season. It was a wonderful time for our family and the elderly people we loved and served. Little did we know, that our love for the elderly would then grow into the creation of Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home and all the memories we have created there. All four children have worked at Fairbrook Grove, as caregivers or maintenance, but continuing their service to the elderly. We are grateful to have our own home and community of elderly residents that we can love every day! So whether you have an elderly loved one you can serve and visit this year, or are looking for opportunities to serve, we invite you to spend time with the elderly. They have such a rich background and yet are sometimes forgotten. If you are looking for a place to come and spread some joy, we always welcome volunteers during this time to come into our home. Please email us on our website if you have any questions or want to come to our home. We hope you can enjoy serving those in need in your community this season, whether it be the elderly, the homeless, or your neighbor next door. For service opportunities in your area, you can visit for a list of ideas and options. You can find Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home service opportunities there as well.

Enjoy your Holiday Season and New Year!

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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