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3 Signs that Assisted Living Facilities Are the Best Choice for Your Loved One

Deciding that it's time to consider assisted living facilities for your loved one is never an easy one. You may be holding on and trying your best to provide care at home. However, there are times when assisted living homes are the best and safest decision for both you and your loved one. The following are three of the signs that it's time to begin the search, but there may be many others. Often, you'll know in your heart when it is time. Prolonging the inevitable is just going to put undue stress on yourself. If you feel in your gut that it is time, with or without the following signs, it's time to begin the search.

Wandering Away from Home

Someone who wanders away from home is putting themselves in an unsafe situation.

  • They may be injured.

  • The person could become lost.

  • Someone could take advantage of them.

  • They may become frightened when they can't find their way home.

Wandering away is very dangerous and should be a red flag that the person needs constant supervision.

Difficult Personality Changes

Sometimes the sweetest, kindest people can undergo personality changes when they age. That could lead to them refusing to cooperate with taking their medications or even with hygiene. In some cases, it results in violent behavior and aggression. It is a dangerous situation for the person and those living with them. Moving into an assisted living facility, where trained staff take care of them is the best solution for all.

Caregiver Stress

No matter how much you want to take care of someone, or how much you love them, you have to take care of yourself too. You will not be a help to anyone if you are under constant stress. It can be in the best interest of you and your loved one for you to get a break.

Many times, moving a loved one to an assisted living home works out best for all involved. Your loved one may thrive with the care and attention they receive. Your visits will bring joy to both of you. You've done your best, and there comes a time when a person needs more help than you can give, that's when it's time to turn to the professionals. Your loved one will have the round the clock care that they need, and you can get a good night's sleep.

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