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Maintaining a High Quality Of Life

Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ is dedicated to maintaining a high Quality of Life for the Elderly in our care.

When an adult reaches the point of needing more help in their golden years, it is important to look for a place that can cover the needs of the individuals’ Physical care, but also their Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Social needs as well. Not only is it challenging to have to count on the help of others, but their sense of independence and quality of life is now at risk.

When choosing a place for yourself or a loved one, an Assisted Living Home might be your best option. Home-style, Residential Assisted Living Homes like Fairbrook Grove, in Mesa Az, have many options to support each individual, especially as they transition from their home into an Assisted Living Community.

Here are a few ways we help support their Quality of Life:*

  • We have daily Exercise Programs for range of motion, mobility and strength. Keeping them strong will help them stay independent and able to do things like walk, participate in games and parties, and be able to do more for themselves.

  • Family Style Eating. Our dining arrangements are at a big table where everyone in the home eats as a family. With only 10 residents in our home, we are able to have everyone join around the table. This creates a sense of community. They usually sit in their same spots each day as well, so they build relationships with the people closest to them, and feel a sense of belonging.

  • We have Wholesome Activities each week that everyone can join in. Some of these are bingo, musical performances, puzzles and table activities, manicures and more. These activities are optional and everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Every month we Celebrate the Holidays and have Parties. These are fun for the residents and help them feel excited and have something to look forward to. Many of the parties we invite their families as well to participate in the fun. We love to celebrate each person's birthday and make them feel special and loved.

  • We have Church Services each Sunday to support their spiritual and emotional needs. This is a great place for the residents to feel connected with God and talk about their faith together. Everyone is invited to participate and can join if they desire to.

  • We help with their Physical Appearance and Self Esteem needs by helping them feel more beautiful. The caregivers give manicures and paint nails when needed. We have a hair stylist come into the home and each resident can choose to have their hair permed, colored or cut. The hair stylist is paid by the resident/family according to the service offered and is additional to the monthly fee.

This is just a handful of ways we help our residents have a higher quality of life each day. We want each individual to feel like they matter and that we want them in our home. We focus each day on increasing their quality of life continually, even with all the changes they experience with their body, independence and surroundings.

*(During the Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown and social distancing has prevented many of these activities but we hope to return to our regular activity schedule soon!)

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team

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