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Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully is something that all of us strive for! Through 15 years of caring for the elderly at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home, we have figured out the secrets of Aging Gracefully! We have been blessed to know some amazing people who have chosen to Age Gracefully. At one point, we had 3 residents over the age of 100! It was amazing to see them be independent and thrive for so many years.

But our favorite ‘Graceful ager’ that we’ve had the privilege to know for many years is our Mother, Luen, who is turning 96 years in 2021. She is an amazing example of how to age gracefully. She is active, happy, full of life and is well loved by those around her. Here are a few things she has practiced and continued into her golden years to keep her young and agile!

Focus On Nutrition

Eating fresh whole foods is the best way to slow down aging from the inside out and is crucial for a healthy and happy aging process. Not only can foods help our body stay young, but it can boost our immune system which also prevents a lot of problems that can come with getting older.

One thing Luen has been consistent with every day is making sure she has her smoothie each morning. It consists of kefir, oatmeal, flax seed, honey, spinach, sunflower seeds, black strap molasses and a handful of other healthy things. But Luen is no fanatic, she loves an occasional Wendy’s cheeseburger and frosty shake as a special treat!

Keep Living

The best way to ensure we will have a fun, healthy, and adventurous life is to purposefully make it that way. Find something that brings you joy and takes your mind off of daily tasks and challenges. Continue to live life and figure out ways to make your desires come true.

Luen has continued to live a life of adventure by traveling all over the world, playing ping pong, doing archery competitions, shooting her BB gun and working in her yard. She also enjoys hobbies of writing family histories and photography and has continued them throughout the years. She is such an amazing example that teaches us that life doesn't end when you’re getting older but is a time to continue living and loving life.

Be Social

Spending time with family and friends is an amazing way to keep your spirits high and be positive. Having a positive and optimistic outlook on life will decrease your stress and help your body produce anti-aging hormones.

Luen enjoys talking on the phone, having family gatherings, playing games with friends, going for walks with neighbors and more! She has the best human relationship skills. Luen truly loves and enjoys everyone in her life. She makes others feel important and a valuable part of her life. Truly, this is a great secret of a long and healthy life!

Have a Sense Of Humor

Life is too short to be so serious. There are many times in life where we can’t control what’s happening and our ability to brush it off and laugh about it will save us a lot of trouble.

Luen is continually laughing and is excited about what is happening in her life. Talking with or visiting Luen always brightens one’s day.

Service to Others

Focusing on giving compassionate service and care to others is one of the great secrets of aging gracefully. Forgetting one’s own problems and working to bring happiness into others’ lives creates vital purpose and meaning to life.

Luen served two full time missions as a senior. She worked for years helping immigrants get settled in their new home of America. She builds family unity through special parties and activities. Serving others has always been a priority and gift of Luens.

Practice Consistency

Last but not least, the people who are consistent in their self-care, nutrition, exercise, social activities, service and hobbies are the ones who age most gracefully. So set a schedule, plan for those fun and healthy things, and let’s enjoy ourselves during our personal aging process!

As a Tribute to Luen, we thank you for setting such an amazing example of how to age gracefully and to live life to the fullest in each of these areas. On her refrigerator is a quote, “Young at heart, other parts slightly older!” We are grateful to have you in our life. Here’s to more fun and adventure in the future! We love you!

Stay young and live your best life,

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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