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Benefits Of Electrolytes

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ, we work hard to make sure our residents feel their best and have more energy. One way we do that is by offering an electrolyte drink every day. Every morning they wake up to a refreshing electrolyte drink which is rich in Vitamin C and more!

Electrolytes are minerals found in your blood that help regulate and control the balance of fluids in your body.

These minerals include:

  • sodium

  • phosphate

  • potassium

  • calcium

  • magnesium

  • chloride

  • bicarbonate

Electrolyte balance is so important for regulating fluids but also helps in building new tissue, transmitting nerve signals to different places in your body, regulating your heart function, maintaining your blood’s pH level and more.

When our bodies are depleted of electrolytes, we can feel sluggish and weak. We can lose these minerals through sweating, being sick with the stomach flu, or just not drinking enough.

It is really important to make sure you have these minerals in your body to help you feel your best and keep up the normal function of your bodies.

We believe that keeping our residents well hydrated and balanced will prevent a lot of health issues and also increase their quality of life while they stay with us. Making sure they are fully hydrated with an electrolyte drink daily is one way that we do that.

Some natural ways to increase your electrolytes are:

Coconut water





We hope you stay hydrated and healthy!

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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