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Boost the Immune System with Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables & Fruits Are The Most Important Things We Can Add To Our Diet. Eating healthy has always been something we focus on. Whether it’s to lose a couple extra pounds or to feel our best. What we eat influences every aspect of our life in how we feel and what we can accomplish.

One of the biggest struggles is knowing what type of nutrition is good for our bodies. With there being many different body types, needs and concerns, one thing we believe is beneficial for any body type is adding more fruits and vegetables to the daily diet. Here are some reasons why fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily.

An Easy And Natural Way To Detox.

Our bodies are working hard every day to get rid of toxins in our system. We can help our body detox by eating foods high in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables.

These antioxidants attach to free radicals and toxins and remove them from the body.

Packed With Nutrients

In order to feel our best, our body needs the right nutrients to fuel it. Many processed or convenience foods lack the nutrients needed for our body to function correctly. A highly nutritious diet brings physical, emotional and mental health. Many fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which make the body perform at its highest ability.

Normalize Body Weight

One cup of vegetables is a lot lower in calories than many other high calorie foods. Adding in more vegetables will help us feel more full but we are eating far less calories. This can help with weight loss or weight maintenance. Fruits can be eaten instead of sugary snacks as well which are usually high in calories and less nutritious.

Prevents Sickness and Disease

Choosing whole foods like fruits and vegetables helps our body to naturally fight sickness and strengthens our immune system. Our body needs all the help it can get to be strong and resilient. Eating more fruits and vegetables may also reduce the risk of heart disease, protect against cancer and other serious illnesses.

Each day at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home In Mesa AZ, we focus on making sure our residents have a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. Even as an older adult, it is important to feel our best and enjoy life every day.

-The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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