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Enjoy the Season You Are In!

Enjoy the Season you are in! As your Elderly loved one is aging and changing, finding more enjoyment in your day to day moments with them is what builds a life of beauty, memories and fulfillment.

It can be challenging to find joy during a transition like having a loved one decline and need more help. It may feel like things are out of your control, unknown and uneasy- which can be uncomfortable.

But with the right expectations and mindset, it’s these little moments that have the possibility of filling our bucket piece by piece until it overflows with gratitude, love and enjoyment of the Season you’re currently in.

Many times we have expectations for ourselves, our loved one, or a situation of how it’s ‘supposed’ to be, or how we’d like things to be. But these moments of life are different for each family, person and situation, so it’s hard to know what to expect. We can find ourselves feeling drained, impatient or upset at our current situation and lack enjoyment.

In this season of life you’re currently in with your loved one, how could you find joy and enjoyment in the moment? How could you utilize this new experience to strengthen your relationship or find resolution in your own heart about what’s happening and changing?

We hope that you can breathe, slow down and try to let this moment be a positive experience. At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home in Mesa AZ, we will do everything we can to help this moment flow smoothly and be a time where you can enjoy the aging and elderly process of your loved one.

So how can you enjoy this season a little more?

We’re happy to be a part of this season and journey with you.

- The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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