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Serving Others

Serving others can be one of the most worthwhile things we can do. Not only is it a way for us to help others, but it can also increase our joy and satisfaction in life.

If you’ve ever been in a hard situation and needed extra assistance, you know how wonderful it is for someone to help you. Even though it may be hard to receive help at times, there are a lot of good people in the world who love to give of their time and energy to those in need. Not only does it help to lift your burden, but it also helps the giver to feel good as well.

Then there have been times where it’s been our turn to return the favor and serve out of love. These moments have been times that have created growth and happiness in ourselves.

When we’re busy or have our own struggles, sometimes service can feel like an obligation or ‘the right thing to do’ but as we serve and help others, we can have our own bucket full and forget about our own struggles for a while.

One example of a loving and serving soul is our good friend Billie. Billie lived in our home many years and has since then passed on, but we loved her very much. When she came to our assisted living home, she didn’t know what to do with herself and the extra time she had. She had once been very busy and active, so getting older and losing some independence was a big change for her. She decided to start serving others in the home and giving of herself. She made such a difference in the lives of the other residents and really helped create a loving, fun and unified community. We are so grateful for Billie’s example and for the love and care she showed everyone at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ over the years.

One of our favorite acts of service here at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home is to love and serve the residents that live in our home. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people around us on a daily basis. Not only are the residents themselves wonderful, but their friends and family make serving so much easier. We love what we do and are grateful for the opportunity to serve each day.

Service can be as simple as a smile, a phone call or a small gift being dropped off. Just letting someone know you’re thinking about them is one of the easiest yet powerful things we can do.

We hope you too can find joy in Serving Others as we have at Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home Mesa AZ and also receiving the love and care others give to you.

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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