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The Importance Of A Support System

A support system of friends, family, coworkers and church members are a safety net when times get tough. These are the people who will pull you up. It is good to invest in them and be there when they are in need of help and in turn, they’ll be there for you when you need help as well!

There are moments in our lives where the unexpected happens. It may be an illness of a family member, sickness for yourself, loss of job, or many types of different struggles.

These moments can catch us off guard and can leave us really needing help.

When someone doesn't have a support system they can feel very alone and helpless during a hard time. We believe that no one should have to go without support during a challenging time.

During the transition period of independence to becoming dependent, most elderly people and their adult children can feel overwhelmed and need extra support.

At Fairbrook Grove Assisted Living Home we strive to be an excellent support system for our residents and their families during their integration and stay in our home. We hope they can feel supported in this new journey together with their loved one.

This support includes a lot of extra communication and explaining different processes. Julie, Brian and the caregivers are there to answer questions, help residents feel comfortable and offer care and concern. We understand it is challenging to have so many things change around you and we want to be as understanding and supportive as possible.

We are grateful for the people who have supported us and our business during challenging times and hope to always return the favor for others.

May you always have the support you need.

The Fairbrook Grove Management Team


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